While communication is a primary and survival need for man, communicating over time and space too is a need unexplainable. And man has made communicating with a very tangible period of time an easy method with the invention of Mobile Phones. Alexander Graham Bell might have invented the concept of speaking over the concept of space, but it was Martin Cooper who revolutionized communication with the mobile phone invention. And with their advanced and improved features, communication has taken a giant leap in our lives just like in the science fiction movies.

Cell Phones and Their Valuable Functions

We are in an era where we communicate with our near and dear ones through images, videos, audios and more. Now not only can you speak with someone and send them a message but also share your location anywhere in the world with anyone at anytime. The smart phones especially have made our lives more convenient than ever. Connecting through millions of people with a single click, talking to your loved ones while looking at them even when thousands of miles away from them, share your journey and life with all your friends and family through social networks, play games and listen to music on the go; it is all made possible with the press of a single button.

Stay Connected all the While

With the introduction of internet, wifi, 2G, 3G and 4G spectrums, staying connected on the go has been simplified unbelievably. Applications like Skype, team viewer, etc, allow us to have video conversations with anyone. Social media networks and other media platforms allow you to share your experience with anyone at any time no matter where you are. There are a plethora of features available to us, enabling us to not only stay entertained 24×7, but also entertain others. Gone are the times of post cards and letters. Even if you are miles apart, you can still stay close to your loved ones and share your special moments with them.

Share Anything Within Matter Of Seconds

You might remember a time when you had to sit at the computer and practically stare at the screen while the dial up internet modem blinked to life then as the data was uploaded over a course of time. Well now, though our electronic devices have grown petite over time, their capacity has only increased more than ever. A tiny iPhone can hold up to at least 64 GB of data. Share videos, images, audio clippings, within seconds. Click selfies, groupies and send a tweet or post on instagram, simply because you can! With a cell phone today, you can simply sit at home and carry out all your shopping, pay your bills and practically see the entire world.

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