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Readers With Attitude Bookclub is an award winning bookclub located in Richmond, VA & Buffalo NY. Take a look at our calendar which is already booked for 2011 with books for each month. Our goal is dual, we want to support the authors and help them to make an impact while supporting the bookstore in our community as well. We purchase all of our books through Precious Memories Bookstore (pictured below) which is an Essence Magazine and New York Times Reporting Bookstore. This is an impact for the author because we are helping to get their sells reported to Essence Magazine and New York Times by buying from this bookstore. While we make our Book of the Month authors aware that we do not garauntee that their book will be the next Essence Bestseller, our purchases do help to make an impact.

If you are a book lover take a moment to review the author spotlight section for great book selections! Also read our reviews as they are constantly updated with inew reviews from well known and new authors. We give the real deal and specialize in giving you frequent and fresh material.

Ultimately we want to be recognized as the premier bookclub and readers group for authors and publishers alike. We want to gain lasting relationships that we look forward to extend through open dialouge and conversation.

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"I’ve used RWA’s services for 2 out of my 4 books. These books do not have the same errors such as misspelled word and tense confusion because of their professional proof reading services. They also provided other suggestions that were greatly appreciated because it helped to improve my writing skills. I will definitely use their services again..
Thank you,"
Rukyyah J. Karreem Publisher Erotic Ink Publishing

Featured Authors:

Fatal Vengeance  
Dorothy J. Morris

A culmination of murder, lies, and deception ensues, as:  

Guy Simmons takes measures to protect his siblings, Cassie, Dana and Alex, from the pitfalls of life, while struggling to maintain his perfect marriage to Regine Croswell-Simmons. 

Alex Simmons finds himself torn between two women. One he wants to marry and the other has given him an ‘opportunity of a lifetime’ in exchange for his hand in marriage.  

Dana Simmons falls in love with a street thug, who uses his painful past to capture her heart. When he winds up missing, she suspects her brothers, Guy and Alex, of foul play.  

Cassandra (Cassie) Simmons becomes the victim of blackmail. She wrestles with the idea of paying her extortionist to keep quiet about her alleged sexual desires. 

While seeking vengeance on one another’s behalf, the siblings resort to the unthinkable. Ultimately, their actions have fatal consequences that leave you in suspense until the very end. 

Available Wherever Books Are Sold December 2010

Fatal Venegeance Excerpt

      Rhaunda smiled. “Baby, I love you too. But I don’t want to share you with another woman, especially with Alecia,” she explained, before kissing Alex with vigor, and lightly brushing her free hand across the side of his face.           

     Alex had forgotten about his houseguest as he closed his eyes, kissing Rhaunda back with fierce passion and desire. His body ached for hers as he groaned, loudly.

     Listening to Rhaunda and Alex make out, made Alecia sick to her stomach. Her heart was about to explode as she stood up, cracked the closet door open, and witnessed the unlikely lovebirds in action. She thought, I cannot believe Alex just flipped the script on me! Well, I’ll show him! With her emotions intact, Alecia waited for the right time, to let her presence be known.

     Rhaunda was not distracted by Alex’s kiss or his roving hands over her back and buttocks. She kept one arm around his waist, then she used her free hand to withdraw the gun from her purse, which hung from her shoulder. Smiling, Rhaunda moved the gun near Alex’s face.

      Caught off guard by the sight of the gun, Alecia suddenly became concerned about her own safety. She quickly but quietly closed the door. Her heart was beating in overdrive worrying about being discovered by Rhaunda. Quick on her feet, she looked around the closet for a weapon. She grabbed a wire hanger among Alex’s suits and shoes, and held it close to her chest. She relaxed a little, believing she was sufficiently armed.

      When Alex heard the gun cock, his eyes flew open. He lifted his head and shivered at the sight of the gun. “What…are you…doing?” he asked with trembling lips.

      Suddenly, Rhaunda became cocky. “Let’s just say, I’m fed up with your crap!” 

      All the color drained from Alex’s face as he took a step back, holding up his hands as if surrendering. “Baby,” he stammered with a shaky voice, “let’s…talk…about this. You don’t…want…to do this,” he pleaded, while sweating bullets.

      Rhaunda was unmoved by Alex’s pleas. She briefly closed her eyes, wondering whether she should follow through with her plan. 

      Attempting to catch Rhaunda off guard, Alex reached out with trembling hands to wrestle the gun away from her. He was not quick enough. Rhaunda reflexed, then blinked each time she fired the gun.

      Within a blink of an eye, Alex fell backwards, hitting his head on the side of his wooden poster bed before crashing to the floor. Blood quickly oozed out of his abdomen. He was rapidly fading away, gasping for his last breath. Seconds later, his eyes rolled to the back of his head, which was severely bruised from the fall.

      Rhaunda looked at Alex’s seemingly lifeless body, then started shaking, as tears streamed down her face. “Oh God,” she cried out. “What have I done?!”

      Dropping to the floor, Rhaunda frantically touched Alex’s arm for a pulse. Then she became alarmed when she heard whimpering sounds coming from the bedroom closet. After drying her face, she became furious all over again. “Come out, now!” she ordered with her eyes focused on the closet door.

      Alecia stopped crying when she heard the directive. She stood still hoping Rhaunda would leave her be. “What’s wrong with her?” she silently questioned herself. “She’s acting demon possessed.”

      “If you don’t come out now,” Rhaunda threatened, “I will drag you out by your hair weave!”

      Alecia dropped the hanger after realizing it could not compete with a gun. She slowly opened the closet door, and came out the closet with her arms wrapped around her shoulders. Her voice trembled, as she begged for mercy, “Please…don’t…do this.”

      “Do what?” Rhaunda asked, as she lifted the gun and pointed it toward Alecia’s head. “You did this. You weren’t satisfied until you had my man. Now look at what you made me do,” she accused, as she waved her free hand over Alex’s body.

      “Please don’t kill me!” Alecia screamed with outstretched hands. Consumed with fear, she did not feel the towel slip from her body and fall to the floor.

      After laughing at Alecia’s nakedness, Rhaunda shook her head in disgust. “I’m not stupid. Why would I kill you? You’re the murderer.”

      Alecia frowned, as she quietly asked herself, “Is she serious?!”  

      Rhaunda grinned. “You don’t think I would kill Alex without a plan, do you?”

      Alecia’s heart was drumming in overdrive as she tried to figure out Rhaunda’s angle. “I thought you loved Alex.”  Her statement was posed as a question.

      “Oh, but I do,” Rhaunda proclaimed with a wicked grin. “I love Alex to death! Now I can have him all to myself.” She laughed at the thought.

      Alecia was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. She wondered what caused Rhaunda to turn into a crazed lunatic. “Just let me go,” she pleaded with trembling lips.

      “How?” Rhaunda asked, with a sly grin. “Your car is um….how should I put this lightly? Oh, I know….dead, just like Alex,” she said with venom. “Or, should I say, burned, just like you burned me by sleeping with Alex. Or, what about doomed like your life will be while rotting in jail.”  

      Alecia gasped. She was unsure of what Rhaunda was hinting.

      “Bittersweet, bittersweet,” Rhaunda repeated with a smile. She put her free hand on her hip and tilted her head to the side. “I’m going to let you live, and at the same time, let you die slowly, in jail. How awesome is that?” Her question was laced with sarcasm.

      Alecia wondered if she should repeat Alex’s mistake, by trying to wrestle the gun from Rhaunda.

      As if reading her friend’s thoughts, Rhaunda said through clenched teeth, “Don’t even think about it. You see what happened to Alex.”

      Crying a river of tears, Alecia thought, Oh God! This is the devil right here on earth.  

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